We are proud to have aligned ourselves with reputable partners of unparalleled integrity. With their specific knowledge and skill sets to enhance delivery of high caliber investigative, security consultation, and risk assessment services to our clients, we are honored to have them as partners in protecting everything that is important to you.



Scent Evidence K9 is a Tallahassee-based international provider of effective scent discriminate systems and services that enable responders to find missing persons and bring them home safely. Former FBI Forensic Canine Operations Specialist, Paul

Coley, founded the company in 2012 to develop a line of scent preservation products and specialized K9 training techniques that would increase location success while decreasing recovery time.


Paul designed the innovative Scent Preservation Kit to help community leaders and law enforcement agencies better serve their high-risk autism and dementia populations by mitigating risk and raising awareness. Sometimes called “Insurance in a Jar,” the Scent Preservation Kit® is now utilized as a proactive public safety measure by organizations across the country from Florida to Alaska, and internationally in Canada, Germany and Sweden.


Ternion Risk Mitigation Group (TRMG) partners with Overwatch Risk Solutions LLC on conducting large risk and vulnerability assessment projects and active shooter threat assessments. TRMG also conducts specialized training and Personal/VIP Protective Solutions for organizations and individuals.  TRMG’s specialized training division include courses in Active Shooter Threat Mitigation and Awareness, Workplace and Societal Violence - Insight into an Active Shooter, and Behavioral Analysis - Detection of Nonverbal Deception.

V.I.P.A. Group Ltd.

“Your Peace of Mind Through Our Expertise”

Drawing on years of experience in various private, corporate and hostile environments, The VIPA Group Ltd provide integrated security and training solutions for corporate, business and private clients. With exceptional and highly qualified personnel from various backgrounds, VIPA brings expertise and operational experience from across a broad spectrum of security environments. Our client focused attitude will maintain your business continuity and family security by forming a lasting partnership that you can trust.

National Association for Missing and Exploited Children, Inc.

The National Association for Missing and Exploited Children, Inc. is a not‐for‐profit charity organization founded in 2017 consisting of professionals and volunteers who serve missing and exploited children in the United States.

NAMEC is the first and largest National Missing & Exploited Children’s association in the world. The association works to advance the needs of missing and exploited children through educational programs and legislative advocacy efforts before governmental agencies: Federal, State, and Local Legislatures.


NAMEC works in support of the children who are runaway / missing and exploited.



Route Recon:

Route Recon® is a powerful mobile GPS-navigation app that emphasizes the use of deliberate route planning, resulting in enhanced travel security and risk mitigation. Representing an evolutionary step forward in GPS-navigation technology, Route Recon encourages users to implement the deliberate planning methodology, rooted in professional security and military practices. Most GPS-navigation apps simply route a user from point-A to point-B, which fails to take into account the many threats facing ground travel. Route Recon provides a suite of tools supporting advance route surveys, analysis, planning, and mission execution. The Route Recon app can function as a common operating picture for two or more users, or stand alone as a complete, travel-ready solution for the individual. Route Recon is utilized by the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Community as a trusted mission planning and execution tool. Veteran-owned, our team possess years of military-security and crisis management experience in high-risk environments, inspiring development of innovative threat solutions that enhance safety and security. In a world of emerging security threats, take control and affect the outcome!  

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